Are You 100% Clear On Your Road Map For Growth And Sustained Performance?

(This Is A Real Book)

I have been working with and assisted by Peter for some time now in two organisations. He has always demonstrated the ability to set a clear strategy with the executive team, ensure the plan is team-driven and connect the outcomes to the key business drivers. This has ensured we have clear accountabilities and enabled the team to deliver optimised business outcomes as a result.

Grant Judge
Chief Financial Officer, Russell Group Ltd

It’s Happening In Your Business, And In Businesses
In Industries Outside Of Your Own

In any business that’s bleeding cash, losing sales, and is diminishing in sustainability, on a fundamental level, different functional areas of the business simply aren’t talking to each other.

Maybe there is no communication, and/or joint planning of the business. Maybe the sales, finance, and operations teams aren’t sitting down together to plan out how they’re going to run the business day- to- day or week- to- week. Perhaps everyone from the C-Suite to the production floor has lost sight of what’s going on with the customer. Financial controls have become unclear. There is a lack of transparency rippling throughout the entire company.

Whatever the issues are, the bottom line is there is a lack of clarity, communication, systems, and transparency when it comes to process and planning.

In this ground-breaking book, you’ll discover:

  • How to ensure your vision for the company avoids putting the business on the wrong track
  • Identifying the core variables that effectively monetise your customer relationships
  • How to avoid losing money with the right financial reporting in place
  • How to maximise your operational ROI
  • If your supply chain is affecting your cash flow in often times, hidden ways

I have worked closely with Peter over the last five years, and he has shown a real ability to set an executive business strategy that is directly linked to the key growth drivers and is an integral part of the execution phase of the planning approach.

Peter has shown me how to apply this methodology with my sales team to great effect, giving us clear direction, accountabilities, and approach to market, which has resulted in significantly accelerated growth in our chosen industries.

I have now utilised this approach with Peter in two separate organisations, and I can recommend this approach to any business that is seeking sustainable growth and increased market share. I have built a trust-based relationship with Peter over this time and I look forward to working more with him in the future.

Gavin Quinney
Director of Sales Australia & New Zealand, Gunnebo Ltd

A Personal Note From Peter Selby…

Throughout my 30 years in business, I’ve been exposed to all of the different elements of running a company – through the good times and the bad. My journey has taken me from production manager on shop floors in my early days, to senior executive roles for sizable companies in the past decade.

I’ve navigated through developing markets and having had both profit and loss and operational responsibilities as general manager. Later, as a managing director, I had the chance to oversee sales and operations delivery to several countries across a continent, each with very specific market challenges.

These – along with all the other positions I’ve had as I moved up the ladder – have given me a breadth of experience across a wide range of scenarios.

Each role brought its own challenges, of course. I know what it’s like to get off a 20-hour flight from London to Auckland only to strategise a turnaround plan at 11:00 pm and report it to the global director. I know how it feels to explain that turnaround will take a year – at least. I’ve felt the stress of having to sack an entire team. I’ve had bonuses wiped out and my own job at risk. I’ve felt the frustration of not being able to deliver results myself.

At one time or another, I’ve had to deliver in the areas I see senior executives struggle in now. I’ve not only been in your position, and I’ve been involved in solving problems at all levels of business.

About Peter Selby

Peter Selby is Australasia’s #1 Executive Advisor On Business Optimisation & Strategic Growth, working exclusively with senior executives responsible for growth and sustainability who are challenged to implement the drivers they need for their competitive advantage.

It is not uncommon for businesses of all sizes to have difficulty executing their vision, retaining customers, growing profits and being sustainable. All too often, senior executives can’t see what’s behind the issues that are keeping their company from achieving the steady growth and profit they desire.

Drawing on a wide range of experience from 30 years across all major business sectors, Peter uses his gift for strategy, along with his ability to see through the chaos, to help his clients get to the root of their problems and turn their companies around.

In Defining Your Road Map To Profit & Growth, Peter shares the 10 critical disciplines that are essential for senior executives who want to achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage in their market.

I have been assisted by Peter for some time now in several organisations. He has always demonstrated the ability to set up a supportive and team-based approach to driving goal-oriented strategies that clearly connect to business improvement.

I have personally witnessed Peter focusing my executive teams to set a vision and deliver that vision with the effect of completely turning around businesses in regard to growth and profit in the asset management industry.

Clyde Farr
Country Manager, Trak Group